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Grugnito di Build Numero Cinque

Sì, sì, sì, sì.. It is starting started. The GAF sub-annual, half yearly Grunt Build. This is number five. Another 5 and we are up to ten Grunt builds. I was there and the big ten is a sight to behold. However, back at the present, yours truly is slacking off. After a slight vision-seeing-voice-hearing-angelic-bgm encounter with the being called thegunny, I present to you [cue Mambo No 5 or maybe the annoying The Apprentice Australia promo song] (also click the bright yellow big f--- <font people, font> and travel to the thread to learn more):

As the build is currently rolling up the hill in a snail's pace, it is not too late to crawl in, slug it out [get it!?! get it?!?], build the top 3 best in the three categories (Open, Enhanced OOB, Strictly OOB) and grab yourself some great prizes from thegunny and our sponsor, the ever loving GenteiKits.

AS OF NOW, we have 11 confirmed entrants, in which Epimethius is wandering in horny land, thepuddingcup failed to crash the thread, flamingeyebrows became the auto spelling corrector (and made a good point about bulk and agility having an inverse relationship), tristan..... (oh-no-you-didn't-make that comment about girls), Pink Gundam of Doom tried to subtlety slip in that he used to have girlfriends, thegunny informed us of a hot night out with a newspaper - but things burned out pretty quickly as usual, and everyone is waiting to meet Hawk105th's friend that is a girl. As you can see, we need more quality entrants for this build.

Now that I've offended everyone, it is time for me to go back into my jungle. Till next time peeps!!

Oh wait, before that, some Rules:

Build duration:

Grunt Build #5: 0800 17 June 2013 to 2000 25 August 2013.

The finish time is just that, the finish time. No extensions will be allowed. If you have a slow internet connection then make allowances for it.

1. All GAF Grunt Builds are open to any forum member.

2. Kit requirements.

A] First and foremost the entry must be based on a Bandai or B-Club kit. Resin conversions from B-Club are also allowed. Limited non genuine plastic, metal or resin parts such as weapons, heads, hands, shields, nozzles or other small parts are allowed. If in doubt ask. Scratch building is allowed (Open only) as are the use of any type of decals (Bandai’s selection of decals is limited at best and some are very hard to locate these days). As there are a multitude of pirated B-Club kits around these days if you plan on using B-Club parts or kits please include a picture of the box top in your WIP.

B] As this a Grunt Build no custom MS are allowed. Any suit with Custom, Customise, Prototype, Experimental or Commander Type in the name, description or kit instructions are not eligible as a base kit. These kits share common parts with the grunt versions and those parts can be used. For example Char's MS-06S shares many parts with a standard MS-06 such as the Zaku Machinegun, Heat Hawk and most of the basic body work but you cannot use the parts that are specific to the 06S such as the lower leg thrusters and armour or the back pack. If you wish to give your MS those sort of things you must modify the standard parts to achieve it. Specific build requirements may from time to time over-ride this section but as a rule of thumb no custom MS base kits will be allowed.

C] To keep things simple if the MS is referred to as Custom, Customise, Prototype, Experimental or Commander Type in the kit description, instructions or primary timeline then that's what it is regardless of what it is called in any side story or game. One MS requires specific mention as it has come up in all previous builds. The MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom is sufficiently modified from the base Gouf to be considered a custom even though it's description alludes otherwise.

3. Entry requirements.

A] To be considered an entrant you must post at least one photo in the appropriate Grunt Build topic sometime between the start & finish times. The photo must show the kit before any work is done and it must show the date it was taken in some way. Please do not start a separate topic for your WIP, make all WIP posts in the main Build topic.

B] Please make sure you understand and accept the following (overseas members especially); unfortunately due to the ridiculous prices Auspost charges for postage, a condition of entry is that if you are skilful enough to pull off a victory you accept that you will pay half the postage costs or make other arrangements to collect your prize. The winners will be notified of the cost and payment details ASAP after the results have been announced. Prizes will not be sent until payment has been received. The only time this will be waived is if the prize sponsor agrees to pick up the postage costs.

4. Presentation of finished entries.

A] Once you have finished your entry please start a new topic in Field Training titled Grunt Build #5 plus the name of your entry or kit. Once judging has been completed it will be moved to The Catapult. Finished kits can be presented as stand alone figures or in a vignette (no full blown dioramas). Stands may be used to display the figure. There are some good Bandai stands around but there are also pretty good stands from other manufacturers as well. As an example of a stand you could use the Zeon or Federation Bandai action base. If you wish to do a small scene (vignette) you could for example use the Kotobukiya Chain Bases to depict repairs or re-arming. If you are going to do a vignette just remember they are only intended to be a small scene that complements the centre piece. No Cecil B DeMill productions of Ben Hur. For example if you choose to use a chain base then make it only one panel wide by one panel high.

B] As the finished entry will be judged from photographs please follow these guidelines. This is not a photography contest so no Photoshop trickery will be tolerated. You may resize and colour correct and that is it. No fancy titles, names, fades, light effects on weapons, lens trickery to hide a poorly made model, nothing! Please photograph the model against a plain background as to prevent the background from distracting from the model and crop the picture as close as possible to eliminate any unwanted background. If you wish to present your model AFTER the judging has been completed with a bit of photo trickery that’s fine but if any shopping is detected in photos submitted for judging apart for what was mentioned above then the entry will not be judged. Also do not include any props in the photos that are not part of your finished entry. As a minimum requirement you must submit 4 shots of your finished model; front, back, left & right sides. Ideal picture size is somewhere around 1200 x 900 pixels. Do not submit pictures that require going to another web site. You may use the forum's additional options to attach your pictures to your topic if you like. If you submit poor quality pictures you will be asked once to provide better ones. If you do not then don't expect to do well. Feel free to highlight any mods, assembly or painted effects you have done with extra close ups. The more pictures (to a point  ) the merrier. Remember the judges only have your pictures to go by. Poor pictures mean poor results.

5. Dates & Times.

As this is an Australian forum all times and dates are EDT. There are plenty of web sites that can convert EDT to whatever time it is in any other country.

6. Prize allocation.

Each category must have at least two finishers to be eligible for prizes (no auto winners). If you are the only finisher in your category your entry will be bumped up to the next highest category with the required amount of finishers. If this happens allowances will be made when judging.

Whatcha waitin' for eh?? Join the Gundam Australia Forum (<--- Clickety) and have the best time of your life.*

* Please be advised that the word 'best time of your life' made on this website are made in good nature but we believe that they are both accurate and reliable. We hold no responsibility for any loss or lack of great time suffered in the course of participating in the Forum.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gundam Australia: The Gauntlet 3: Not Just For Show! MG Nu Ver. Ka

Gundam Australia: The Gauntlet 3: Not Just For Show! The MG Nu Ver. Ka

As our third Gauntlet winds down I have a fantastic wrap up from Lupes to share, but first allow me to say a few things:

Big respect and massive thank you to Lupes for heading up another incredible Gauntlet. Anyone who has followed the goings on at GAF over the years will know that with each Gauntlet we have achieved an amazing level of quality with all finishers, and this is no exception. In fact this is my favourite selection of finished kits to date and I find it impossible to pick a favourite. They are all just that good.

Monumental thanks to Fury for the Gundam Schemer Apps .. Amazing work. God tier.

Thank you to our sponsors Hobbylink Japan for your continued support. Show your gratitude by clicking the banner and buying some Gunpla! :)

Thank you to all of the participants in the Gauntlet. Congratulations guys you have officially blown me away.

A special shoutout to Derringer for his Nu comparison topic "The Nuseum" showcasing three generations of Nu Kits. I love a good comparison and Derringer's thread was highly detailed and very interesting to read. Thanks for your contribution to the forum mate!

Finally thank you to all of the members of the Gundam Australia Forum. You are the Australian Gunpla community and it is your participation and enthusiasm that makes GAF a great place to be.

Some links:

Gundam Australia: The Gauntlet 3: Not Just For Show! The MG Nu Ver. Ka
Gundam Australia: Gauntlet Of The Apocalypse: PG Strike Freedom

(RIP GAF 1.0/Sinanju Group Build Project AKA The Gauntlet)

"This ain't nuthin but The E.N.D.
Follow me into the sun and let your soul be free"

Repost from Lupes

The End.

Of the gauntlet, that is!

That’s right folks, the Nu Gundam ver. Ka Gauntlet is now officially OVER! It was a really excellent GB that saw a lot of entries but only seven out of the nineteen entrants (counting only the open and newtype styles as they were the ones who were painting their kits) managed to finish this kit in time for the deadline. There were a few people who came close but finished is finished and I’d be selling the others who pulled through and got everything done in time short if I let others slide on not having their kits totally completed. Like Busterbeam said in one of his posts over at the GAF thread, there was a big difference between this Gauntlet and the one we held for the PG SF. With the Nu GB, everyone came in cold whereas with the PG SF we were all a ways in to the build and we just had to make that one big final push to wrap the kit up. Obviously everyone starting from zero made this a more demanding GB all around but I also think that it makes what people managed to accomplish in the three month time frame all the more impressive.

By now, everyone has seen my own Nu Gundam in Karaba colors. There were only two entries in the Newtype Style, but that’s alright. We’ll get to the other entry in a little bit! This is still one of my favorite builds that I’ve done to date, especially with the Double Funnel set attached, which I still need to snap a few more pictures for before I can update the page with those. Let’s get on to the other excellent entries.

GaiGun of the Gaijin-Gunpla fame finished his kit shortly after me with a nicely executed darker colorscheme using Tamiya’s spraycans. I especially like the bold choice he went with on the psychoframe parts, electing to use a popping candy green that would be shown off in it’s Invoke mode. His entry marked the first of the few to finish up in the Open/Gangnam style category and you can read his excellent writeup of the build as well as look at a gallery of pictures here and here respectively.

Falldog was next with his entry in to the Open style and wow, this build came out extraordinarily clean. I think by now Falldog should be known for how tidy his builds are and the Nu is no exception- all the toned down colors play off each other really well and the grays accentuate the blues and whites just right. The alternate position of the Fin Funnels looks nice too and the addition of Sazabi’s escape pod really makes for an excellent display piece! You can see the full gallery and his thoughts on the kit here.

Wolfman X’s Nu came in with a really solid military feel to it, something that really makes his kit feel unique. The colors almost feel Titan-esque but have their own spin on them that makes it stand out from others. Most of us went with brighter colors or toned down shades of bright colors and this was one of the few that took the dark color route. I also want to point out how well the stock Nu decals work with Wolfman’s colorscheme- I had to use Hi-Nu decals on my own Nu and a few others got custom sheets printed up for their builds so hats off for making them work with this kit! More of his pictures can be seen in his Catapult post over at GAF.

Shaid is up next, and is the only other person to enter and finish up their build in the Newtype field. I really like all the choices he made with this kit ranging from going with the glossy metallic frame and flat armor parts to the very well kept secret of attaching the Commander ReZEL’s wing binders to the Nu’s backpack. Sure, it cuts down on the number of Fin Funnels the kit can have equipped but frankly the choices he made go so well with the Zeta Plus A1 scheme that it hardly matters that the suit isn’t packing all 6 of it’s iconic weapons. Not to mention the paint and work overall on this kit is just plain crispy! Even the photography has a lot of pop to it. While I’d love to see pictures of it with all the armor on, given how much work Shaid put in to the frame I can see why he’d want to show it off. You can see a full gallery of this impressive kit over at his blog!

Khai was the next one across the finish line, wrapping up his build of the Titan’s colored Nu Gundam. It’s a given at this point that pretty much everything looks great in Titans colors and this Nu Gundam is no exception. Khai’s paintwork on this kit is so smooth and fresh that it almost looks like the kit was molded in these colors! The decals he used here really bring the kit to life and his mod work is just crazy! The railgun in place of the hand on the arm, the weapons on the shield, the different weapon in hand and the shoulder mounted bazooka are both top notch additions to the kit and give this a look all it’s own. There’s a full gallery (and I’m sure you can track down WIPs for how he did his mods) right here.

Last but certainly not least, Busterbeam managed to finish his monsterous kit just two minutes to midnight on the last day of the GB. He definitely didn’t disappoint with his entry! The last few models he’s done have had very well executed colorschemes and this is another one for the record books for him if you ask me (he even used his own blood in the paintjob!). The work on the frame is really tight and it’s obvious why he went took some pictures with half the armor off- I’m always impressed by people that can take frame detailing to this level and the next kit I work on after the Stein is done with I’ll give it a shot myself. The really impressive thing he’s done here is the head! No one else in the GB knew what he was doing with this so like Shaid’s ReZEL wings it came as a big surprise to everyone when he unveiled it. Something else I love about BB’s builds is that he always has a really awesome backstory for builds like this which is something I’ve already thought of for my customized Stein. You can read the story and get a good look at this kit by checking out his blog!

This GB was only as hugely successful as it was thanks to all the folks who participated and gave out feedback or got involved in various ways from making banners (I have to give a big thanks especially to fury-s21 for making an entire application that helped a lot of folks get their colorschemes in order before they started painting) and of course the GB wouldn’t have even existed without the kindness of the Gundam Australia Forums and my main man Sonar. GAF is absolutely my gunpla home on the internet outside of this little blog (fun fact: I still need to do a year 4 wrap up post! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long), to the point that apparently there are people out there who think that I’m an Australian, haha. I also have to give a big thanks to HobbyLink Japan for both sponsoring GAF and in turn providing prizes for those who took part in the Gauntlet 2.0. I’m grateful to everyone who took part in this event and helped it become as large as it was and now that this is all wrapped up, we can start getting things together to decide on prizes and the like for the brave few who managed to make it across the finish line! You can keep an eye on the GAF thread for developments in that regard since that’s where everyone involved will be most likely to see it.

Thank you again, everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Almost doNe decAlling the front of the suit. A bit of paNel lines and weAthering to do yet.

Teaser shot included.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Catapult GAF Member Feature: thegunny's Ballstrosity

What's green, have balls and shoots out loads of stuff?

The Hulk's what???

Bzzzz, wrong answer!

It is thegunny's...... hmmmm...

I present to you the Ballstrosity.

His project started out as a Jesta on a Jabber. An unforeseen fall of the Jabber from a slight height became the stepping stone for the birth of this Ballstrosity. Two balls, armed to the teeth, makes this quite a formidable support/flight unit.

The usual gunny camo paintjob don the whole build. Needless to say, a clean paintjob. The flat coat finish gives the paintjob a shine that made this more appealing.

Of course, the hero of the show, the Jesta was painted beautifully again with the camo and upgraded with vents, spikes and armaments. Weathered and decalled - thegunny style. A perfect finish to a well built kit.

Have a look at the original thread in the Gundam Australia Forum for more photos (it's worth it)!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

News on the Drop: February 2013

9/2/2013: 1/144 HG Shardoll Rouge ( ¥ 1365 ¥ 1040 @ HLJ)

9/2/2013: BB Delta Plus ( ¥ 1260 ¥ 1200 @ HLJ)

 16/2/2013: 1/144 HGUC MS-06R Black Tri-Stars Zaku ( ¥ 1680 ¥ 1280 @ HLJ)

16/2/2013: 1/144 HGUC RGM-96X Jesta Cannon ( ¥ 2100 ¥ 1600 @ HLJ)

 16/2/2013: Builder Parts: System Base Gunmetal and White ( ¥ 945 ¥ 720 @ HLJ(G) + HLJ(W))

23/2/2013: 1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka ( ¥ 7350 ¥ 5600 @ HLJ) 

23/2/2013: 1/144 HG Perfect Strike Gundam ( ¥ 1785 ¥ 1360 @ HLJ)

Layout, info and photos courtesy of Bandai Hobby Site 

Excited much? Personally, I am looking forward to the Stein (granted I cancelled my preorder and reordered a couple of times). This would be my first MG Sinanju. Simple design, straight lines and white. Whoosh!! 

Kinda on the fence with the Jesta Cannon. My gunpla-sense tells me that Bandai might plough us with the MG treatment of the Jesta Cannon (Online exclusive or not), which should look insanely menacing in that size. I would have to wait for March to see if the MG Jesta is significantly better than the HG.

What's your pick of the month? Join the discussion and more in the Gundam Australia Forum.

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The MG Nu Gundam ver.ka Gauntlet

Click the above banner to join the discussion!!

Nu dawn is here.
It birth the light of thunder*,
violent explosion.

- zenma5ter (14/12/2012)

Pardon my silly attempt of a Haiku (*and I know the difference between thunder and lightning), but let us get down to business!

The Gauntlet 2.0 hosted by the ever-awesome Lupes (from It's a Gundaaaam!), sequel to the PG Strike Freedom that was an epic of a group build. Now, the Nu new (get it?) is out and wreaking havoc all over the gunplar-sphere. Needless to say, GAF will be joining in the anticipation and creating masterpieces. The PGSF Gauntlet and Sinanju Gauntlet (evilcow era - I had yet to taste the sweet dust of plastics - but I am sure) was a challenge, and only few have been brave enough to wander into the the storm of explosion, and even fewer manage to come out triumphant. This time, there are different categories to guide you through, so choose carefully! The time limit for finishing the kit is 3 months, with the finish date being by the end of March (tentative). Onward!!!!

A race between straight builders to see who can finish building the Nu Gundam fastest and have a simple straightbuild that exemplifies the basics of gunpla building. Anything goes here, so long as you clean the nub marks properly! Fastest completed kit from a set start time wins a prize, so don't break open the plastic the second you get it, we will need exif stamped pics of the runners still in their bags! Extra points for panel lines and decals. OOB Speed build will be from a set agreed time when all/most kits are deemed to have arrived, or all those who nominate themselves for the category have received their kits. Like X date at Y time AEDT you snap your photo of your sealed bags, pick up your nippers and your sandpaper/hobby knife and go hell for leather.

Everyone is eligible to enter that one. Just has to be completely assembled, properly denubbed, nicely photographed, and posed in a way that makes me think you are some sort of aesthetics demigod. Even if you're entering the open or newtype styles you can enter this as well. Consider this category a firestarter for those of us who are going to be painting our kits as well.

This is your standard fare for builds. You can do whatever you like for this category. Paint it in stock colors or your own custom colors, mod things here and there, do something outrageous with weathering or other building techniques. Anything goes here! Best in show wins it, as decided by YOU: GAF!

Kit must be colored in the theme of one of Amuro's old mobile suits. Best execution of theme takes the pony. Here are the suit/schemes eligible for this category:

RX-78-2 Gundam
RX-75 Guntank
RX-77-2 Guncannon
RX-78-3 G3 Gundam
RX-78-NT1 Gundam "Alex" (counting it since it was intended for him)
MSZ-006-3A Zeta Gundam [Karaba Air Force use]
MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus A1
MSK-008 Dijeh
RGZ-91 Re-GZ
RX-93-2 Hi-Nu Gundam

If any knows of any other official suits that have documentation of being piloted by or intended for Amuro, please inform us at the forum.

Our friendly forum techie Fury-s12 whipped up a Schemer App for the Nu Gundam, with 150 colour-able pieces. I mean, come on!!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump to the thread (via banner above), sign up to our forum, claim a piece of the Gauntlet and be part of this explosive group build!

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Bandai's Best MG Ever...?

Ok so by now we all know that the BIG Bandai release for 2012 is going to be Hajime Katoki's reimagining of what is in my humble opinion THE greatest Gundam suit design the Nu Gundam, Amuro Ray's suit from Char's Counter Attack and the star of the ultimate battle scene with Char in the Sazabi, representing both pilots at the peak of their Newtype abilities piloting the greatest prototype suits of the era to date.

Now there's debate about the validity of the existing MG Nu Gundam kit, but what I will say is that for it's age it is an incredibly well engineered kit. I will argue all day about how it has great proportions, sleek lines, beautiful angles, and is my first and favourite Gundam to date of the 60+ kits I have built.

So what could be better than taking an already great design, modernising the technology and gimmicks, and adding Katoki's fierce sense of design, style, and detail to the kit?

This is being heralded as the greatest MG kit ever by renowned bloggers such as Gaijin Gunpla, better perhaps even than the Sinanju!!?

So let's break it down and take a look at what we're gonna get shall we?

All pics via Gaijin Gunpla and Gundam Guy

You can order yours right now through Hobbylink Japan by clicking HERE or the banner above will take you there as well.

1. Two Tone Armour

Much like the Real Grade series has redefined detail on a smaller scale by slightly altering the shade of some of the main colour armour, it looks like we will be seeing this simple yet effective addition of contrast and detail making it's way into the Master Grade range via the Nu Gundam Version Katoki.

2. Re-engineered Frame

Gaijin Gunpla speculates the Nu Ver. Ka. will have the same or a similar frame to the Sinanju. This means sturdiness and ability to support some weight. Anyone who has built the MG Nu Gundam will know that it has die cast ankle and hip joints which add weight in critical points and help anchor and stabilize the kit. The Sinanju by contrast did not have much metal in the fame work at all. Not many or no screws from memory, just tight fitting and precision engineering to support all of the external armour and upper body/backpack weight. The fin funnels on the existing Nu kit distributed the weight suprisingly well, it was only the sagging over time that really caused any problems. I found the hip joints to be a bit loose as well so hopefully these are two issues that have been adressed in the revamped Ver. Ka.

3. Hyper-Ultra-Mega-Collosso Panel Detail

Yup. It's pretty much a given that a Katoki designed kit is going to have some extra panel lines and panel details. The Nu Ver. Ka has panel lines in it's panel lines. Get your Gundam markers/panel wash primed for a workout.

4. Fin Funnel Gimmick

The Fin Funnels will be able to be removed and displayed in psy-commu attack mode much like the MG Hi-Nu Gundam. A simple and welcome addition which ties in with the next point:

5. Hi-Nu Stand

The kit will come with what I assume is the same Amuro's signature "A" logo stand as the Hi Nu, perhaps moulded in black and clear plastic but likely from the same mould and with the clear plastic coated wire pieces for displaying the Fin Funnels deployed. A welcome addition extending the posability and playability factors.

6. PG+ hands!

Here we see the evolutionary steps Bandai takes in learning from previous designs. What I think we are seeing is equal parts PG, RG, and aftermarket HD manipulator sets that Bandai have produced. All had their shortcomings, but these look aesthetically every bit as excellent as their Perfect Grade and Real Grade counterparts perhaps with better function; articulation and maneuverability. They will be moulded from one piece like the RG hands, and look to have three points of articulation in the fingers like PG hands/human fingers. For the record, in robotics the instuments used to grasp and hold items are called manipulators, which is where we get the term.

I certainly hope this is technology that carries over to future MG releases because these hands look GREAT.

7. Water slides!

If there is one thing that is synonymous with a Katoki designed kit it is a plethora of markings. As Bandai appear to be moving away from independently releasing waterslide decal sheet sets they are identifying with their target demographic for these kind of releases by heeding the consumer's disdain for stickers and dry transfers and including a water slide decal sheet with the kit. A welcome addition at that.

8. LED

With the addition of the LED they have really given us the whole package. Every modern added extra I can think of has been included in this kit, giving the fans nothing to gripe about and really demonstrating Bandai's commitment to providing a complete experience with their key releases. As the inclusion of markings, a stand, HD manipulators, and LED becomes standard fare for MG kits I pose the question where can they go from here? What's next? Included metal option parts? That would be cool. Bandai seem to be cleverly widening the gap and making a distinction between RG and MG releases both in terms of price and kit contents. MG's with a huge amount of added value at around the :y:8000 price point is something I would be cool with, as I am with RG's with MG detail at :y:2000.

9. Mystery gimmick?

To keep the initial excitement and web buzz at a peak level from the announcement right through until release, Bandai will reveal a "Secret!" at Gunpla Expo 2012. Bandai are very aware of the power of (free) buzz and exposure among the online Gunpla community and this is a pretty clever manipulation to keep this release at the top of people's want lists from the date of announcement right up until it hits the store shelves. A great example of this is everything I've spent the last few days compiling and typing for you to read here. I'm super excited about this release but you can bet your bottom dollar Bandai aren't paying me a red cent for this exposure. Well played.

Naturally there's been some speculation about what it could be. Beam shield/Fin Funnel Barrier (pyramid)? A magazine kit release for FWS conversion? Who knows... but I know I can't wait to find out!

So what remains now is to place my preorder and count the days until December!

You can order yours right now through Hobbylink Japan by clicking HERE

This is the kind of release that has generated enough interest to qualify for a special GAF Group Build.... Grin I reckon there might be a few of us interested in participating? Stand by for an announcement closer to release. Perhaps with a bit of luck and/or bribery we could persuade Fury to knock together a Nu Gundam Ver. Ka Schemer App??!

So what are you guys looking forward to about this kit? Are you skeptical about anything? I for one am wondering if something has been done about the sagging funnel issue. It's definitely up there in terms of price but I have no doubt it will be every bit worth it and filled to the brim with extras. I personally can't wait to look at the artwork in the manual.


Grin Grin Grin

beer nu

Image credits:

Buy now:

Check out Syd from Gunpla TV hype it up:

Have your say about it at Gundam Australia Forum

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Catapult: GAF Member Feature - PG Strike Freedom Atonement by LUPES

The paint work is really the feature here. Stunning. Incredibly smooth, barely a spec of dust, and just so complimentary those tones. I mean we all know purple and gold work but when it comes down to the selected tones Lupes has nailed this like a Thai hooker; furiously.

One thing that should be pointed out is that this is a strip and repaint. Massive props due for the following reasons:

  • It is a PG kit.
  • There are a bazillion pieces.
  • Painting it the first time should have weakened the integrity of the plastic, particularly with all that alclad lacquer.
  • The first paint job had to be done and redone and redone again in many areas.
  • The finish the first time was totally sweet
  • The finish the second time is totally sweeter

This is a man in pursuit of perfection. He should be damn pleased with what he has achieved here, that's for sure.

I actually really liked the ANA scheme of Pride and was sad to see it get stripped down, but what has emerged in the atonement has been worth the disappointment of seeing Pride go before the fall.

Supplemental props for going with Lakers colours, and can I say what you have done with that rifle is just stunning Mr. Looper. If there's one thing I like it is an intricately detailed weapon. That thing goes BLAM right in your face, furiously..

Pride (Before the fall):

See here for exemplary use of the word atonement in a rap song:

Great work Lupes. Really cool reup.

Click HERE or any of the above images to view the thread at Gundam Australia forum.