Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Catapult: GAF Member Feature - Anazasi's 1/100 HORUS (Zaku) & 1/144 QAN[t] resin

I know right!!! This is insanity!! Lets talk about the build, according to Anazasi, he used 90% of the inner frame of MG Zaku Cannon and 40% of it's armor for the project. The armors, scratch built using epoxy putty and pla plate. He also uses parts from the MG Gyan. Well, he also mentioned he was planning to simulate the ANUBIS kit but can't find any ''Jackal head'' and found a ''Falcon head'' instead. Not too sure what that meant, but the Falcon head is a really good complement to the overall build. I love 'spine' in my mecha, and this build has one of the best spine. The neck and the stomach, organic detail FTW!!

Now that's out of the way, look at the colour. Gold with Green lines, I salute him! That is one colour combo that I would not have come up with. And it looks pretty good eh! It made things more organic in my opinion.

Arnaments!! Oh my, missile pods, sword of longinus, shield, psychic energy. That is one hell of a killer machine! I can only stare at it with envy as I made the connection that this will not be in my display case. You can stare at it with envy too! Just click on the image above, transport yourself to GAF and stare..............

Sigh.. What can't this guy do?? one minute awesome scratch build, the next a superb resin build. Note that this is 1/144, that is one small size resin that I do not want to deal with. But look at that beauty, everything is so streamlined, and personally, I love the ELS QAN[t].Needless to say, this is a job well done. The gradient on the ELS QAN[t] looked good here, of course this is his 3rd, wait, 4th [?] ELS QAN[t] so I am not that surprised that he poopped this out in record breaking time and still retain the quality of his work.

Enough from me so, click on the image above to float to the Catapult.


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