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THE CATAPULT: GAF Member Feature MG Sinanju by Garret Masterson

A master stroke, Mr Masterson.

Achieving a beautiful even shine with a metallic coat is all in the prep work, and Garret has demonstrated great patienece and attention to detail here with his flawless orange metallics.

A nicely selected shade for the internals, some precise trim work, and expertly applied decals round out a Sinanju that sets itself apart from the pack by way of a professional finish.

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Otakon and The Bandai World Cup - Zeta Newtype Reporting from Overseas!

I'll be attending the annual anime convention in Baltimore, MD, US this year and I hope to bring back lots of information, pics, and gunpla swag! The second to last stop for the Bandai World Cup U.S. Semi-finals is at Otakon (final at New York Comic Con!) and I will be sure to look at all the great Gunpla and share them with you. Busy times have led up to this event, hence my brief absence, come August there will be plenty to catch up on!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gunpla x Gundam dot Info Promo Campaign

Wow! Buy a kit between July and September for your chance to win some amazing prizes!

This via Gundam Guy:

Australia is included! Check out the prizes!

-First place is 4 PG Kits!
-2nd place is 6 MG kits!
...and more!

Limited time only. For more details hit the jump. ^^

Gunpla Builders World Cup - Australian Finals

This Saturday just gone saw the second annual incarnation of the international Gunpla competition now known as GBWC (I'm glad they shortened it :) )

This year was quite staggering in terms of the level of effort and professionalism put in by the organizers HOBBYCO and BANDAI, the host convention SMASH!, and indeed by the entrants themselves!

For my full review of the event and many more pics, please head on over to the

Official Australian Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011 Wrap Up thread at Gundam Australia Forum

For more links, you can check out

DC23 Mech Arts
The Ghost of Zeon
Mokana Man Youtube
Mech Arts Community

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blogging on the go!

Reporting live from my iphone 4! It was a good birthday. New Gauntlet of the Apocalypse update soon and much more. Stay tuned! Zeta signing off mobile!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bandai Model Kit World Cup 2011 Australian Finals @ SMASH! This Weekend!

This Saturday the 16th of July 2011 marks the second annual BMKWC Australian Final. Once again the action will happen at Sydney Manga and Anime Show in a bigger and better venue, the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center at Darling Harbour!

RSVP at our Facebook Event Page
Visit the SMASH! Website
Event Location Map

By all accounts things are really heating up this year and the competition will be stiff. Last year's winners and runners up were all extremely high quality models and all indications suggest entrants are ramping up the intensity this year!

Stay tuned to Joint Exercises at Gundam Australia Forum for photos and reports from our members.

To get an idea of what went down last year and the level of the competition, visit the BAKUC 2010 Wrap ups topic at GAF.

Pre sales for tickets have now closed, but if you bring yourself on down to the Sydney Convention and Exhibition center at Darling Harbour on Saturday there will be tix available on the door for $30AUD. To not only be a part of Australian Gunpla history, but also check out some great cosplay, browse the dozens of merchant stalls, and enjoy all that SMASH! has to offer head on down! Doors open from 9.30am, 9am for advanced ticket holders.

Gundam Australia T-Shirts will be available before the event by contacting Sonar.

We'll close out this post with a shot of trhe Winner and Runner Up from last year's event courtesy of The Ghost Of Zeon

1st Place in the open expert category: Cheuk Lun Yau's Powered GM Spartan

2nd place in the open expert category: Scott Taylor: Kneel Before Your God!

See you there folks!

Friday, July 8, 2011

THE CATAPULT: GAF Member Feature - MG Epyon by Waylander

Blink and you'll miss it...

Waylander did not waste any time getting this MG Epyon snapped up and painted for our viewing pleasure! 4 Days in total to build, paint, and decal it's little wonder he was left feeling a little burnt out.

Pink is not to eveyone's taste but I find this shade most effectively used here, complimented by a lavender and a blueish grey.

Beatifully clean decal work seals the deal for me making for GAF's first Epyon and tying in nicely with the current MG Epyon Group Build: The Harbinger of the Revolution

For more pictures and some pretty spiffy photoshop work, be sure to check out the thread at GAF:

Waylander's MG Epyon

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

GAF Challenge Poll Results In. The Harbinger of Revolution is Born. The GAF Epyon Group Build!

I like Japanese style titles I think....isn't that a bit ridiculous up there? Perhaps unnecessary? Naaah! Anyway, the poll results came out 5-6. So the GAF Challenge I hastily came up with didn't pass the GAF test, but that's okay because we're going to do a Group Build anyway. I had a feeling it'd come to that, but don't worry, Treize still will reward those who show him the warriors spirit of the Epyon. So we have cool prizes still for those who make great builds!

So what do we what to see? Be creative! A lot of you like me was brought into Gundam with Gundam Wing, what did you think when you first saw Epyon? To me, the song "Legend of Zero" combined with the first shot of the kneeling Epyon is something I'll never forget in Gundam Wing. You wanted to see more. What was this machine? It was to become the Harbinger of Revolution. So obviously a degree of being a Gundam Wing fan helps, but it doesn't mean you still can't win, if you create a jaw-dropping build, you're just as likely to win, but the prizes are no longer the focus....this is just a group build, with some added extras...some motivation if you will! Treize still demands perfection


1. MG Epyon Only. No NG, HG, etc.

2. Mods are welcome as long as the original kit is used.

3. Basic straight builds are prohibited for prize consideration, but just fine for the GB. Straight Builds must be panel lined and/or decaled at least for consideration of prizes. Push your limits, if you're going to show off something, make it worthwhile!

4. Prizes will be issued to winner(s) at the cut off date of February 1, 2012. You got plenty of time to become a contender.

5. The Group Build is Open End even after builds for contest are submitted at cut off date Feb, 1, 2012.

6. Prizes are issued by your fellow GAF staff and members, out of their own pockets and collections. Negativity towards the prizes will not be tolerated. Please respect your fellow Gunplars. Some prizes and the like are subject to change.

What are you waiting for?! GOOO!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Adrian's Grapenanju! Sounds tasty..

Is it possible that the Sinanju looks good in every color? I'm starting to think so. I've seen it in so many colors and it never fails to impress and Adrian's Grapenanju is no exception. I love metallic purple myself so this immediately stood out as an excellent color scheme. Forgoing the gold trim for the white trim is also pretty amazing in the scheme of the purple-ness. Not only that, he broke up the purple with a light purple throughout the mobile suit. Ahhh! Enough talking about it! Look at the pictures! :D

Check out the original GAF thread here

The GAF Challenge: Epyon Vs. Zero Interest Poll

Link to Forum Poll

Alright, due to the mixed reactions to the GAF Challenge I created, I put up this poll (link above), the votes will decide if it actually goes live, if not, the Challenge will be reverted to a simple Epyon Group Build and the Grunt MS: Ex Group Build will probably be the main focus on my end where prizes come from. Sonar has something cooking.... :D

I just had simple idea and sometimes ideas don't work, I'm human enough to understand that so you're not going to hurt my feelings if this thing doesn't get going

Friday, July 1, 2011

The GAF Gunpla Challenge: Epyon Vs. Zero Begins July 5th!

The GAF Challenge: Epyon Vs. Zero Photoshot Contest

“The space colonies had hoped to establish it’s rights to self govern in peace, but the earth has ruled over us with it’s military power. This was true for us in the times of the Alliance and Oz, and it’s true now that the world has formed the World Nation. The earth has been using the gundams as their pawns, we had hoped to unify the people of outer space and the earth attacked us with a gundam. They’re supporting the Oz Space Force… The Oz Space Force will soon be annihilated. As I speak a large scale fleet is headed out to attack and destroy them. Outer space belongs to us colony citizens. When the space colonies become one the only enemy of ours will be the earth. We have righteous cause and we have a new leader who will help us realize our cause. Earth and space… the two exist together and form a pattern of confrontation. My name is Milliardo Peacecraft. I declare that we will eliminate the earth, the force that conflicts with space.”  - Milliardo Peacecraft


"I see Epyon has shown you your future, Zechs, well I've chosen the one Zero has shown me." - Heero Yuy, pointing his hand in the form of a Gun at the image of Milliardo Peacecraft

The idea of battle is a one that, throughout history, has been defend one's honor is the true essence of battle. We are on the eve of such a decisive duel...and yet the heart earns to see more. How does one capture the essence of combat, and what does it take to make others see that same vision. I suppose what I am asking you is this....I want you to show me what you think this battle between this two warriors should look like. You've been given everything you need....(MG) Wing Zero...and (MG) Epyon. Now commence the battle and show me the true warrior's path and you will be rewarded!

Dramatic much? Yeah, I do that! What is all this you say? It's a GAF Challenge, and just what Treize asked, he wants to see the battle of Wing Zero and Epyon. So this is where the challenge comes in, to win this challenge you are required to show a photo of both MG Epyon and MG Wing Zero in combat. The photo that captures the essence of Heero vs. Milliardo wins, and what do you win? HG Deathscythe Hell and Nataku! Now here are the rules

1. You must use both MG Epyon and MG Wing Zero in this photo, you can however modify each kit however you see fit ( for example, Wing Zero Custom modded to TV Wing Zero to better capture the look will be allowed. )

2. You may use a previously constructed kit to cut down on time, those who have already constructed a MG Wing Zero may use it in the photo, same goes for MG Epyon, though this challenge is intended to highlight it's release, you may want to do WIPs here Group Build-like

3. Entries are limited to ONE. There are no redos here in the interest of fairness. Photoshop is allowed for effects but do not cover your models in special effects, we will judge the photos on the models and the poses they are in, not your photoshop skills

4. Rules are Subject to Change before July 5th Launch! Cut-off Date will be announced soon! Everyone will be given a fair shot at this with a fair time frame.