Friday, July 1, 2011

The GAF Gunpla Challenge: Epyon Vs. Zero Begins July 5th!

The GAF Challenge: Epyon Vs. Zero Photoshot Contest

“The space colonies had hoped to establish it’s rights to self govern in peace, but the earth has ruled over us with it’s military power. This was true for us in the times of the Alliance and Oz, and it’s true now that the world has formed the World Nation. The earth has been using the gundams as their pawns, we had hoped to unify the people of outer space and the earth attacked us with a gundam. They’re supporting the Oz Space Force… The Oz Space Force will soon be annihilated. As I speak a large scale fleet is headed out to attack and destroy them. Outer space belongs to us colony citizens. When the space colonies become one the only enemy of ours will be the earth. We have righteous cause and we have a new leader who will help us realize our cause. Earth and space… the two exist together and form a pattern of confrontation. My name is Milliardo Peacecraft. I declare that we will eliminate the earth, the force that conflicts with space.”  - Milliardo Peacecraft


"I see Epyon has shown you your future, Zechs, well I've chosen the one Zero has shown me." - Heero Yuy, pointing his hand in the form of a Gun at the image of Milliardo Peacecraft

The idea of battle is a one that, throughout history, has been defend one's honor is the true essence of battle. We are on the eve of such a decisive duel...and yet the heart earns to see more. How does one capture the essence of combat, and what does it take to make others see that same vision. I suppose what I am asking you is this....I want you to show me what you think this battle between this two warriors should look like. You've been given everything you need....(MG) Wing Zero...and (MG) Epyon. Now commence the battle and show me the true warrior's path and you will be rewarded!

Dramatic much? Yeah, I do that! What is all this you say? It's a GAF Challenge, and just what Treize asked, he wants to see the battle of Wing Zero and Epyon. So this is where the challenge comes in, to win this challenge you are required to show a photo of both MG Epyon and MG Wing Zero in combat. The photo that captures the essence of Heero vs. Milliardo wins, and what do you win? HG Deathscythe Hell and Nataku! Now here are the rules

1. You must use both MG Epyon and MG Wing Zero in this photo, you can however modify each kit however you see fit ( for example, Wing Zero Custom modded to TV Wing Zero to better capture the look will be allowed. )

2. You may use a previously constructed kit to cut down on time, those who have already constructed a MG Wing Zero may use it in the photo, same goes for MG Epyon, though this challenge is intended to highlight it's release, you may want to do WIPs here Group Build-like

3. Entries are limited to ONE. There are no redos here in the interest of fairness. Photoshop is allowed for effects but do not cover your models in special effects, we will judge the photos on the models and the poses they are in, not your photoshop skills

4. Rules are Subject to Change before July 5th Launch! Cut-off Date will be announced soon! Everyone will be given a fair shot at this with a fair time frame.

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