Monday, September 24, 2012

GAF Member Feature - Falldog's Banshee ver. Titans

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As I stare at the box of my unbuilt MG Unicorn, then at Falldog's ever increasing number of custom coloured Unicorns, a Colony-size guilt drops on me. Don't get me wrong, I love the design, but the number of parts that I have to prep and paint is astounding. To think just last week I was considering getting the MG Banshee, good thing my fear of monster number of parts stopped me from clicking the "Add to Cart" button. BUT I digress.

Lets talk about his Titan Banshee. What makes a good Titan suit, in my book, are the colours. Personally, I think he nailed the blue on this kit. *Tick*. His decision to colour the translucent parts with a solid silver is a bold one. To keep it clear orange would be too messy with this scheme. Also, to paint the chest piece yellow is a good call, giving the Banshee a RX-78-vent-esque look, a well planned scheme. Not to mention everything is done in matte, pop, pop and more pops. The clear red on the claws gives the Banshee a bloodthirst look (run free imagination, run free).  

Question, two claws, to open one and keep one closed? Gah!! I want to see both open and tear something apart. But it was not to be. Oh well, back to the bodywork, the amount of decal on this is just enough to keep everything really clean. All in all, a superb build. One that inspired me continue my Unicorn.

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