Monday, February 18, 2013

The Catapult GAF Member Feature: thegunny's Ballstrosity

What's green, have balls and shoots out loads of stuff?

The Hulk's what???

Bzzzz, wrong answer!

It is thegunny's...... hmmmm...

I present to you the Ballstrosity.

His project started out as a Jesta on a Jabber. An unforeseen fall of the Jabber from a slight height became the stepping stone for the birth of this Ballstrosity. Two balls, armed to the teeth, makes this quite a formidable support/flight unit.

The usual gunny camo paintjob don the whole build. Needless to say, a clean paintjob. The flat coat finish gives the paintjob a shine that made this more appealing.

Of course, the hero of the show, the Jesta was painted beautifully again with the camo and upgraded with vents, spikes and armaments. Weathered and decalled - thegunny style. A perfect finish to a well built kit.

Have a look at the original thread in the Gundam Australia Forum for more photos (it's worth it)!!


  1. hooray blog post and a funny one at that, also a build well worth a blog post

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