Monday, July 1, 2013

Grugnito di Build Numero Cinque

Sì, sì, sì, sì.. It is starting started. The GAF sub-annual, half yearly Grunt Build. This is number five. Another 5 and we are up to ten Grunt builds. I was there and the big ten is a sight to behold. However, back at the present, yours truly is slacking off. After a slight vision-seeing-voice-hearing-angelic-bgm encounter with the being called thegunny, I present to you [cue Mambo No 5 or maybe the annoying The Apprentice Australia promo song] (also click the bright yellow big f--- <font people, font> and travel to the thread to learn more):

As the build is currently rolling up the hill in a snail's pace, it is not too late to crawl in, slug it out [get it!?! get it?!?], build the top 3 best in the three categories (Open, Enhanced OOB, Strictly OOB) and grab yourself some great prizes from thegunny and our sponsor, the ever loving GenteiKits.

AS OF NOW, we have 11 confirmed entrants, in which Epimethius is wandering in horny land, thepuddingcup failed to crash the thread, flamingeyebrows became the auto spelling corrector (and made a good point about bulk and agility having an inverse relationship), tristan..... (oh-no-you-didn't-make that comment about girls), Pink Gundam of Doom tried to subtlety slip in that he used to have girlfriends, thegunny informed us of a hot night out with a newspaper - but things burned out pretty quickly as usual, and everyone is waiting to meet Hawk105th's friend that is a girl. As you can see, we need more quality entrants for this build.

Now that I've offended everyone, it is time for me to go back into my jungle. Till next time peeps!!

Oh wait, before that, some Rules:

Build duration:

Grunt Build #5: 0800 17 June 2013 to 2000 25 August 2013.

The finish time is just that, the finish time. No extensions will be allowed. If you have a slow internet connection then make allowances for it.

1. All GAF Grunt Builds are open to any forum member.

2. Kit requirements.

A] First and foremost the entry must be based on a Bandai or B-Club kit. Resin conversions from B-Club are also allowed. Limited non genuine plastic, metal or resin parts such as weapons, heads, hands, shields, nozzles or other small parts are allowed. If in doubt ask. Scratch building is allowed (Open only) as are the use of any type of decals (Bandai’s selection of decals is limited at best and some are very hard to locate these days). As there are a multitude of pirated B-Club kits around these days if you plan on using B-Club parts or kits please include a picture of the box top in your WIP.

B] As this a Grunt Build no custom MS are allowed. Any suit with Custom, Customise, Prototype, Experimental or Commander Type in the name, description or kit instructions are not eligible as a base kit. These kits share common parts with the grunt versions and those parts can be used. For example Char's MS-06S shares many parts with a standard MS-06 such as the Zaku Machinegun, Heat Hawk and most of the basic body work but you cannot use the parts that are specific to the 06S such as the lower leg thrusters and armour or the back pack. If you wish to give your MS those sort of things you must modify the standard parts to achieve it. Specific build requirements may from time to time over-ride this section but as a rule of thumb no custom MS base kits will be allowed.

C] To keep things simple if the MS is referred to as Custom, Customise, Prototype, Experimental or Commander Type in the kit description, instructions or primary timeline then that's what it is regardless of what it is called in any side story or game. One MS requires specific mention as it has come up in all previous builds. The MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom is sufficiently modified from the base Gouf to be considered a custom even though it's description alludes otherwise.

3. Entry requirements.

A] To be considered an entrant you must post at least one photo in the appropriate Grunt Build topic sometime between the start & finish times. The photo must show the kit before any work is done and it must show the date it was taken in some way. Please do not start a separate topic for your WIP, make all WIP posts in the main Build topic.

B] Please make sure you understand and accept the following (overseas members especially); unfortunately due to the ridiculous prices Auspost charges for postage, a condition of entry is that if you are skilful enough to pull off a victory you accept that you will pay half the postage costs or make other arrangements to collect your prize. The winners will be notified of the cost and payment details ASAP after the results have been announced. Prizes will not be sent until payment has been received. The only time this will be waived is if the prize sponsor agrees to pick up the postage costs.

4. Presentation of finished entries.

A] Once you have finished your entry please start a new topic in Field Training titled Grunt Build #5 plus the name of your entry or kit. Once judging has been completed it will be moved to The Catapult. Finished kits can be presented as stand alone figures or in a vignette (no full blown dioramas). Stands may be used to display the figure. There are some good Bandai stands around but there are also pretty good stands from other manufacturers as well. As an example of a stand you could use the Zeon or Federation Bandai action base. If you wish to do a small scene (vignette) you could for example use the Kotobukiya Chain Bases to depict repairs or re-arming. If you are going to do a vignette just remember they are only intended to be a small scene that complements the centre piece. No Cecil B DeMill productions of Ben Hur. For example if you choose to use a chain base then make it only one panel wide by one panel high.

B] As the finished entry will be judged from photographs please follow these guidelines. This is not a photography contest so no Photoshop trickery will be tolerated. You may resize and colour correct and that is it. No fancy titles, names, fades, light effects on weapons, lens trickery to hide a poorly made model, nothing! Please photograph the model against a plain background as to prevent the background from distracting from the model and crop the picture as close as possible to eliminate any unwanted background. If you wish to present your model AFTER the judging has been completed with a bit of photo trickery that’s fine but if any shopping is detected in photos submitted for judging apart for what was mentioned above then the entry will not be judged. Also do not include any props in the photos that are not part of your finished entry. As a minimum requirement you must submit 4 shots of your finished model; front, back, left & right sides. Ideal picture size is somewhere around 1200 x 900 pixels. Do not submit pictures that require going to another web site. You may use the forum's additional options to attach your pictures to your topic if you like. If you submit poor quality pictures you will be asked once to provide better ones. If you do not then don't expect to do well. Feel free to highlight any mods, assembly or painted effects you have done with extra close ups. The more pictures (to a point  ) the merrier. Remember the judges only have your pictures to go by. Poor pictures mean poor results.

5. Dates & Times.

As this is an Australian forum all times and dates are EDT. There are plenty of web sites that can convert EDT to whatever time it is in any other country.

6. Prize allocation.

Each category must have at least two finishers to be eligible for prizes (no auto winners). If you are the only finisher in your category your entry will be bumped up to the next highest category with the required amount of finishers. If this happens allowances will be made when judging.

Whatcha waitin' for eh?? Join the Gundam Australia Forum (<--- Clickety) and have the best time of your life.*

* Please be advised that the word 'best time of your life' made on this website are made in good nature but we believe that they are both accurate and reliable. We hold no responsibility for any loss or lack of great time suffered in the course of participating in the Forum.


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