Friday, September 2, 2011

The Grunt MS: Ex GB Launches! Vanguard of Zeon!


It's here! The first group build contest from the Grunt MS:Ex! Get ready to fight for your independence spacenoids, but first listen up to your orders!

1. You can only construct a kit that's served in Zeonic combat! You may choose any incarnation of Zeonic history. The Principality of Zeon, Axis, Neo Zeon (Haman/Char's Rebellion), Sleeves, etc! Ace pilot variations are disqualified! No Char's Zaku / Gegloog / etc! We want true Zeon grunts!

2. For this GB to be eligible for prizes, AT LEAST FIVE participants must enter!

3. To even the playing field and because it's the first challenge, we are testing your OOB skills, this means you cannot paint, I wanna see small details, what can you do with a model straight out of the box!? Gundam Markers, Weathering pigments, pins, and small modding parts are allowed. This needs some clarification, Gundam Markers are only to be used to add small details to your kit, for example I use gold and silver to highlight parts of the frame. Please do not use Gundam Markers and paint your entire kit, remember this is a OOB contest. Please make weathering minimalist, there was some concern about seamlines and how some could have an unfair advantage by weathering over the lines.

3a. The following mods can be used, and can only be used: Metal screws, Metal thrusters, Pins, Waterslide/Dry Transfer/Stickers of any kind.

3b. Gundam Markers may only be used on the model's frame. See the RG RX-78-2 Gundam for reference. You are encouraged to make your kit your own.

4. Grand prizes included HG Nataku and HG Deathscythe courtesy of Hemish, but since i'm hosting this shindig it'd only be right if I offered up a prize related to the theme of the build, The winner will also receive a RG Char's Zaku II. Prove your worthy to become a Ace Pilot! So that's right, you win, you get THREE Kits, however, let us know where you are from ahead of time, I'm in the US so I got a pretty good idea what shipping is going to cost me to ship it to you in Australia, but if you are from anywhere else be sure to let me and Hemish know!

5. You must finish your kit by November, 1, 2011, there are prizes involved in this one folks, so there's no extended the deadline for whatever reason, it must be fair.

6. Rules and Prizes are subject to change by GAF staff at any moment's notice.
Got your orders? Now ship out to the forum thread here!

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