Saturday, September 10, 2011


We've waited, in the oceans of despair...but he saved us, the Pride Gundam

We've waited, in the flood of our own doubt.....but he saved us, the Courage Gundam

We've waited, on the tip of the earth's blade....but he saved us, the Theta+ Gundam

We've waited, in the azure abyss... but he saved us, the Redemption Gundam

We've waited, stranded in the violent clouds .....but he saved us, the Revolution Gundam

WHERE ARE OUR HEROES? They are here, and today, we will not lie down and watch this world of ours end, we will fight and together, the Gauntlet we threw down in the face of all but certain Apocalypse will see it's labor come to win the day!

This is not the end, this not the beginning....

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