Friday, February 3, 2012

Incoming content - Back to Work, Zeta

I've always had this thing in the back of my head what the hell to do for more content here at the blog, and over the weekend I was hanging out with Lupes for a short bit and he gave me some ideas. So in the next week or so i'm going to be cracking into my brand new MG FA Gundam Unicorn and with my brand new Camera. We're going to have ourselves the first blog review of a WIP kit! Stay tuned!


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  2. Hi, I am new to your blog and am really looking forward to your review of that full armor UC kit.
    Are you by any interested in gundam papercraft as well?


  3. Hello, Namath, I apologize for my absence. I am very fascinated by Gundam Papercraft but I do not practice it myself, I prefer the models myself. :D