Friday, June 22, 2012

The Catapult: GAF Member Feature - Garret Masterson's MG Banshee OVA ver.

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Today, I present to you Garret's Masterson's beautifully repainted MG Banshee. What drew my attention was the metallic orange/bronze frame. I believe this is an unconventional colour on the Banshee as most people would paint it gold. To be perfectly honest, I prefer the orange. In saying that, I wouldn't have painted a solid colour, perhaps a clear orange on the surface and silver at the back of the clear pieces to fully utilise the glowing frame pieces. Well, enough about me.

I admire his choice of staying true to the colour of the Banshee, painting the armor midnight blue instead of black. The colour combination between the blue, bronze/orange and gold is one the best I've seen. The paint job is done particularly well, smooth metallic colours. Decals are done very well. Edges are not to be seen and it is not overwhelming like the Unicorn Ver.ka, but enough to give the plain armor a life of its own. What else can I say, this is top work from a top modeller.

This Banshee does not look out of place with his Titanium finish Sinanju.

My only qualm is the lack of poses in his gallery, but as a fellow gunplar, I understand the pain of having a scratch on the otherwise flawless paint job. Well done Garret!!

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