Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Catapult: GAF Member Feature - Falldog's Clear PG Zaku

Click the above image to see more photos of this kit!

Ah, the kit that welcomed me this morning in The Catapult. Long overdue? Perhaps, but to have the courage to execute this project, Falldog has got balls (a current GAF in-joke).

The kit, 1/60 PG Zaku with custom clear kits, that unfortunately came separately in the form of Set A and Set B. In buying both, you get a complete clear armour two bazookas, one light up heat hawk (from set B - the Chars Zaku cover) and a smorgasbord of other ammunition.

I've always wanted clear armour kits which prompted me to get the Expo RG 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2, the special clear armor set for the MG Red Frame and the 30th clear MG Ball, I have a 'clear' (haha, geddit?) idea of what to do with them but never just a clear coat to give it a frosted look.

He painted the inner frame and with the top coated translucent armour, lets enough detail through. If I am not mistaken, he used silver to panel line the internal frame, which made the detail 'pop'. However, one issue with clear parts that haunts me is the nub marks, which really can't be fixed, so kudos to falldog for keeping it as minimal as possible.   

All in all, this is a really beautiful kit and an inspiration for me!

Sieg Zeon!!!

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