Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Catapult: GAF Member Feature - Zenma5ter's Juaggu

Being the proud and bashful type he is, I didn't think Zenny would take to the idea of featuring his own build on the GA Blog but I say to hell with that. It's cool and interesting and its going on the blog :P

The HG Juaggu is a freak of a kit. There's just no two ways about it. Some people scratch their heads and try to make sense of it. Some hate it outright. I personally love the freaks of the Gunpla kingdom, and I imagine this as the result of a herd of elephants colliding at great speed with an Acguy. PaWoo!

Add to that the speed with which Zenma5ter has painted this guy (Didn't it come out like, last weekish?)and it makes for a blog worthy feature, in my obtusely inflated opinion. xD

Simple reds, blacks, and whites working in harmony together, yet an altogether unconventional pallette for an amphibious suit. Zenma5ter does note this was a speed build and thus has not removed any of the seams (tsk tsk! For shame! Shock! Rabble!)

The colour scheme reminds me of, and would not look out of place alongside Hoardz' Mars Camo Acguy

Nice one Zenny. Embrace the freaks of the Gunpla multiverse!

More pics at Gundam Australia Forum

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  1. Thanks for featuring my Juaggu Sonar! I hang my head in shame for the work (or non-work) on the seam lines. Hehe