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Gundam Australia x Gentei Kits 5th Birthday Photo Hunt WINNERS!

Gundam Australia 5th Birthday Photo Hunt Comp Winners! Officially Sponsored by!

Class of 2012 I have completed grading your papers.

Excellent efforts. Thank you for your participation!

Without further ado, may I present your graduates of the Gundam Australia 5th Birthday Photo Hunt!

4th Place: QuangVuong

You have won a Gundam 00 Cutting Mat courtesy of Gundam Australia.

3rd Place: Fury-S12

You have won a HG Hi-Zack kit courtesy of Hemish and Gundam Australia.

2nd Place: Zenma5ter

You have won either the HG Strike Freedom Ver. GFT or a HG RX-78-2 GFT Exclusive 7-11 Ver., as remains unselected by the winner, courtesy of!.


1st Place: Flamingeyebrows

You have won either the HG Strike Freedom Ver. GFT or a HG RX-78-2 GFT Exclusive 7-11 Ver., whichever you prefer, courtesy of!.

Additionally, you have won a Master Grade Zaku II ver. 2.0 kit, built and customized to your own choice of colours commissioned by Hemish!


Now you must choose!


 Thank you for participating! I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me! Congratulations guys, enjoy your prizes. 


For a full list of the answers including the original pictures and links to the threads they originated from, click the above image.


1.   Leokcng’s Zaku

2.   USMCMorlock’s Zaku

3.   Gundampro’s 1/35 Zaku

4.   Hemish’s Zaku Sniper Diorama - 9 of 20 (EASTER EGG: The Big Hurt)

5.   BAKUC 2010 Winner Powered GM

6.   Vandalier’s MG Blue Frame with Lohengrin Launcher

7.   LordCastigator’s Drop Beargguy Attack!

8.   Zenma5ter’s HG Zudah L’Zudah Cuivre

9.   Zenma5ter’s ANA 00 Raiser

10.   Goodguydan’s 1/48 Sinanju Bust

11.   Vandalier’s HG Sinanju

12.   Ghost Of Zeon’s Agguguy!

13.   Curtiusm’s SD Nightinggale

14.   Shifty’s Damaged Ball (Don’t worry, he still has one good one)

15.   Gunny’s Dom, Confirmed Kill: The Reaper’s Last Harvest Dio (EASTER EGG: Gravity Sux!)

16.   Falldog’s Delta Plus – Delta Plus Recolour Comp winner

17.   Straitstealth’s Basilisk Epyon

18.   Curtiusm’s EX-S

19.   Hoardz’ HG Acguy Mars Camo – QHME 2011 Runner Up

20.   Hemish’s Purple HG Acguy

21.   Kriz’s Slacking: A Hazardous MS repair Base Diorama (EASTER EGG! Trick question: Not a Gunpla!)

22.   Anazasi’s VP Hi Nu

23.   FuryS12’s SD Kshatriya Fury of the Unicorn

24.   Sonar in a rubbish box full of gunpla runners and empty coke cans at Gold Coast Supanova 2012 (Easter Egg!)

25.   Falldog’s PG Strike Freedom – Gauntlet Of The Apocalypse

26.   Jnhchan’s RX-178, G Defensor & S-Gundam.

27.   Freya’s RX-78 Shield & Gouf Heat Sabre Odessa’s Struggle - GBWC 2011 Entry

28.   Shifty’s Lime Green Kämpfer, War Machine Hangar

29.   Busterbeam’s PG Strike Freedom – Gauntlet Of The Apocalypse (Easter Egg: Photo 1 of 2)

30.   ZETA NEWTYPE’s Char’s Gelgoog (Easter Egg: Photographer’s Reflection)

31.   Potchips Light Armour GM – GGB:Ex 2 Winner

32.   Gaijin Gunpla’s PG Strike Freedom – Courage – Gauntlet Of The Apocalypse (pic flipped)

33.   Gunny’s Zaku I - Ye Olde warhorse

34.   Waylander’s War Machine Bear (Easter Egg: Photographer’s reflection)

35.   Ghost Of Zeon’s SD Baund Doc – GBWC 2011 SD category Winner

36.   Tonghoo’s Safety Bear (pic flipped  )

37.   Tankboy’s RG Zaku Ground War Diorama – Gold Coast Supanova 2012 GBWC Heat Winner

38.   Hemish’s Tieren

39.   QuangVuong’s Deatscythe

40.   Shifty’s FA RX-78

41.   Shaid’s PG Strike Freedom – Gauntlet Of The Apocalypse (Easter Egg: Party hat)

42.   GBWC 2011 Winner Lava Camo Dom

43.   Adrian’s Grapenanju

44.   Busterbeam’s PG Strike Freedom – Gauntlet Of The Apocalypse (Easter Egg: Pic 2 of 2)

 45.   Waylander’s Ironbear (Easter Egg: Tony Stark Sux!!)

46.   Ghost of Zeon’s SD Kshatriya

47.   Gunny’s Z’Gokk – GGB:Ex1 Winner

48.   Hummingbird’s Nataku

49.   Ghost Of Zeon’s GP01 – Hillside Hanagr Dio GBWC 2011 Runner Up

50.   Iversenboy’s Ichigo GM

51.   Zee’s MG ReZEL – MG ReZEL GB

52.   Falldog’s Nemo’s – Night Of The Living Nemo

53.   Mokana Man’s 1:20 Lalah Suhne

54.   MatX’s PG Red Frame – The Dragon Ronin

55.   Beckylaw’s PG Wing Zero Custom

56.   DC23’s The-O: Hauer

57.   Xenomorph’s MG ReZEL – ReZEL GB

58.   Curtiusm’s PG 00 Raiser

59.   KungFuPanda’s PG Char’s Zaku II

60.   Gaijin Gunpla’s Ironman ReZEL – ReZEL GB

61.   ASM’s ReZEL – ReZEL GB

62.   Falldog’s Purple Nemo – GGB Winner

63.   Falldog’s Unicorn (From ReZEL GB Thread)

64.   Toymaker’s MG AGE 1 Zethus

65.   Lupes’ ReZEL – ReZEL GB

66.   Randomguy’s RG Strike Commission

67.   Senpriw’s Johnny Ridden’s Zaku

68.   Filmech’s Exia R3 Awakening

69.   Falldog’s RADGoK

70.   Mokana Man’s Kappool

71.   Waylander’s MG AGE 1 Titus Juggernaut

72.   Hemish’s MG Gouf, Zaku II, and ReZEL – Something Green

73.   Ghost Of Zeon’s Zaku & GM “Kneel Before Your God” Diorama – BAKUC 2010 Runner Up

74.   Freya’s MG Zeta 2.0 Custom

75.   Shadow’s MG The-O

76.   Mokana Man’s 1/288 Z’Gokk – Alan’s 1/288 Kits

77.   ZETA NEWTYPE’s MG Turn A

78.   Eddylai’s MG Turn A Diorama

79.   Alphabeta’s Mk.II Titans – QHME 2011 Runner Up

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