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Gundam Australia 5th Birthday Photo Puzzle Competition Sponsored by!

Gundam Australia 5th Birthday Photo Puzzle Competition

Now Officially Sponsored by!

This week marks 5 years since our humble beginnings here at Gundam Australia. From starting out as a sub forum of an unrelated site, to becoming one of the highest ranking Gunpla forums and premier destinations for Gunpla fans, the road has been a really fun one to travel. We’ve hit the occasional pothole, run out of fuel, and travelled under a heavy load, but every second of the journey has been worth it and we have YOU to thank for that.

As I always say, Gundam Australia would be nothing without YOU, our loyal members. YOU guys and gals are what make this place great. YOU are the ones who provide the friendly and welcoming atmosphere we have been renowned for since our beginning and continue to be known for to this day. YOU are the reason we’ve grown to become one of the most popular Gunpla destinations on the net.

Once again, Thank you!

So to celebrate, and give something back to YOU: Our members, mods, staff, and everybody that has contributed to making this place great, we present the

Gundam Australia 5th Birthday Photo Puzzle Competition

Here’s the skinny:

There are 79 photos in this puzzle.

Whoever can name the most by build (kit or build/diorama title) and by modeler will win a special Gentei kit prize from my personal backlog.

Eg: "MG ReZEL by Sonar" etc.. Grin

Nobody is exempt. Since it is an level playing field, any GAF member can join the hunt including Mods and staff!

Most of the images come from the catapult, but a few of them are from different areas of the forum.

All images have been taken from the forum today.

The winner will be he (or she) who guesses all 79 (or closest to) by build and by builder

There are a few easter eggs as well. Wink

Entries to be submitted TO ME VIA PM on the forum only please. I will post your entries after submissions have closed.

Thanks to the great folks at we have sponsorship for our 5th Birthday competition!

Thanks to Gentei Kits, one lucky person will win themselves the choice of either a HG Strike Freedom Ver. GFT or a HG RX-78-2 GFT Exclusive 7-11 Ver.!

The runner up will receive whichever kit the winner doesn’t take.

So be sure and go and check out!

Specializing in event limited and otherwise unattainable outside of Japan Gunpla kits!

The site layout is great, and their prices seem very reasonable.. I would go as far as to say cheap! Go ahead and price some of their stuff elsewhere.. If you can find it!
Thanks very much to for agreeing to sponsor our comp!

I know we’ve got some keen Gentei hunters here at GAF, so this is a great opportunity for you guys to get your hands on some of the Gundam Front Tokyo event limited kits!

Read Gaijin Gunpla’s post for additional info about

Plus!! Hemish will build and custom paint an MG Zaku II 2.0 kit to the winners specs!

Have fun!

You have until midnight on Sunday to submit your entries.Deadline extended to midnight Wednesday 16/05/2012 AEST. The comp was launched at short notice and many of us had obligations for Mother's day. The people who got it together and made the deadline will hold an advantage, and will only be beaten by a substantially larger and more correct submission. Late entries may not be eligible to win, but may be eligible to be the runner up.

You still have chance if you haven't been able to get to it, and if you've guessed a few more since, you can resubmit your list but you forfeit your deadline advantage. The choice is yours.. Grin

We will announce the prize over the weekend. Prizes Announced!

Happy hunting Grin

Additionally Fury has offered some of our neat Gundam Australia promo cards to anyone who would like to have some to pass around. If you would like some please see here

Ready... Set...


Happy 5th Birthday Gundam Australia Forum!!

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