Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Catapult: GAF Member Feature - thegunny's "Confirmed Kill; The Reaper's Last Harvest" Diorama

"Confirmed Kill; The Reaper's Last Harvest" - Modeled by thegunny

"...As exhaustion started to overcome him he began to recall the events of the past 2 months. Being one of the only surviving members of Midnight Fenrir’s final battle deep in the outback of this god forsaken country called Australia he had continued to harass the Federation forces with any means at his disposal. He recalled how he came across a Federation research facility and had plundered it for all it was worth. That’s were he discovered the Gatling gun shield. The scale of destruction it wreaked was something he had never witnessed outside a barrage from a flotilla of capital ships. He took pleasure in the fact he was now turning it on its makers. He also discovered some unique paint that rendered whatever was painted with it virtually invisible to all forms of sensors. He was none too pleased at covering up his Zeon colours but if he was going to stay alive he needed every edge he could get. His painting skills weren’t the best but it got the job done...."

Read the rest of the excellent back story and see loads more pictures at GAF.

Simply outstanding work. I've wanted to see an Australian Military themed Gunpla work ever since I discovered Gunpla, and this absolutely nails it. Everything so masterfully completed, so painstakingly detailed, so subtley weathered. No detail left unchecked. Scratch built weapon mounts. Custom decals from a variety of sources. This is clearly a man with a military background executing this masterpiece, and what better way to achieve a realistic diorama than through first hand experience.

2011 has been a fine year for Gunpla in Australia, and this caps it off perfectly.

Congratulations Gunny. I'm proud that you would choose to share your work with us. It is truly outstanding work and a step above.

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