Tuesday, December 13, 2011

KAMM's Ordeal - A plea to help a fellow Gunplar

Recently a fellow Gunplar most of know well has fallen on some hard times and needs our help, here's the original post from over on the MAC Forums.

"With all that is going on in MAC and the community, Competitions, Christmass, group builds, I know we are all busy. 
          However we need to help Kamm somehow!!!
The guy who is always there for MAC without a doubt, Lost his car when he was hit by an uninsured driver, then the recent event of his attack... 
(For those who do not know)
Kamm was assaulted by an unknown attacker, He took a hit to the face which knocked out a few teeth and drove other teeth back into his jaw. He must undergo many trips to an Orthodontal surgeon to stabilize his mouth, repair and salvage what can be saved, and clear and remove what can't. Kamm will also have dental implants at some time once the initial damage has healed. 
Kamm's dental bills are in excess of 5,000 pounds (or about $7,000 USD), and he is self employed. Not only does he have these issues but time away from work, is money he's not making. Due to the nature of his work, his customers (clients) may decide to go with another service.  
We need to help find a way to lessen the burden on him and make sure he gets the medical expertise and help he deserves to get put back together the right way.
What can we do? We have amazing people here and I know together we can think of something. 
Thoes who can donate, can do so by Clicking on this:"

I myself donated 5 USD to the cause, maybe here we here at GAF and whoever else is reading this can pull together a little more to help out our MAC brother and someone who has given so much back to the community as a whole. 

Kamniks is known for his wonderful hand painted builds and wonderful YouTube videos seen here

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