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Gundam Australia Delta Plus Recolour Competition Winners


...and the winners are......

Surprising actually!

I envisioned some wild departures from the stock standard grey, and what I got was a couple of shades on the colour wheel at most. 

When I initially launched this idea I thought that the design of the kit and the close-to-primer grey that the original images portrayed was a relatively blank canvas begging for some wild alterations. I thought it was a real imagination exciter. Something to get the creativity burning.

As you will see below, all of the completed entries were of a very high standard, not deviating more than two shades away from grey. Silver. Gold. Black. Light grey. We almost had a pink one but it wasn't to be. We almost had a bright yellow as well but that came unstuck as well. Perhaps it is the curse of the Delta Plus?

In discussing the Delta Plus it is pertinent to mention there are issues with the kit. Yes, it has it's flaws. The glaring ones being the fairly unstable ankle joints (easy fix), and the inability to hold the rifle unaided.

The not-so-evident flaws are hidden in the disassembly/reassembly and painting of the kit. By several accounts this was a difficult kit to paint. Many of the entrants had to strip/redo parts due to scratching, poor leveling, and other fit/design related issues. A challenging kit to customize to say the least.

On the plus side, and this is the hugest win factor for me personally and outweighs ALL of the flaws, is that the design and proportions are KILLER. Gotta love Zeta era MS Design and this has all the sharp and lithe charm of the Hyaku Shiki with the lower body kick-you-right-in-the-guts bulk of the Zeta. Most of all it looks decidedly bad ass towering over most of my other MG's, and has detail for days.

On to the competition:

As with all competitions we have more starters than we do finishers so let me first congratulate everybody who finished and secondly thank all of you who attempted an entry. I still would love to see those who did not make it to completion do so.

By your accounts this was a difficult and trying kit to complete. Well done on making it happen.

All of the completed entries are of a high standard. I would go so far as to call some of them exceptional.

So let's have a look at the entries shall we?



Wolfman X



...and the winners are......

1st Place: Falldog! Winning a MG Full Armor Unicorn courtesy of Hobbylink Japan

Smooth, fresh, and clean. The Big Boi of the Delta Plus recolour comp. For my liking the most imaginative and professionally executed paint job. Light colours are difficult to apply smoothly and evenly, and the yellow compliments the grey so well. Metallic red pistons for some pop and the medium and darker tones to tie it all together. Bonus points go to Falldog for the awesome base which I really like a lot, for going to the trouble to take 15 good photos, and for transforming the kit once painted. I also enjoyed the addition of the ReZEL Commander's BFG and the extra ReZEL rifle added to the backpack. None of these things influenced my decision however. Solely looking at colours and application.

2nd Place: Wolfman X! Winning a HG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee - Destroy Mode courtesy of Hobbylink Japan

For a smart and subdued shift in pigmentation. The differences in tone that you have achieved are subtle and really very complimentary to each other. The chrome frame and bazooka bring it to life, and the gold highlights on the pistons, beam saber handle, and shield barrels make it sparkle. I'd love to have seen that gold used somewhere on the upper body and pehaps as a highlight on the bazooka as well. This is pretty close to the ReZEL colour scheme which is something I was really hoping to see. Great to see you advancing with the Airbrush at such a steady pace mate. Props to you for being consistent throughout and making it by the deadline.

3rd Place: Zenma5ter! Winning a HG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee - Unicorn Mode courtesy of Hobbylink Japan

Chrome, black, and grey. Simple, dark, stealthy. I imagine this Delta Plus arriving from nowhere and departing just as quickly, leaving half a dozen pieces of dismembered mobile suit in its wake. It is the contrast here that excites me, backed up with some very clean application. Props to you mate for scrapping your original idea and coming through in the clutch with only moments to spare. A mid court buzzer beater if ever there were one! I would have loved to have seen the Bumblebee yellow version.

Congratulations guys! Thank you for participating in the Gundam Australia Delta Plus Recolour comp! Your prizes will be forwarded directly to you from HLJ.

Yami: I loved your Hyaku Shiki Delta Plus. Very smoothly applied and faithfully replicated. I wish you had included more shots with the backpack!

Shauno: Beautiful application and great selection of colours. Some very, very nice metallics ever so slightly let down in the prep of some areas.

You guys both score a 10% off discount code for a HLJ order courtesy of Hobbylink Japan!
A special thank you to Fury-s12 for your Delta Plus Recolour App, and your ongoing help with the site. You are invaluable to us mate. My sincere thanks.

Finally I would like to say a very special thank you to Syd and Ryan at HLJ for providing the prizes for the competition, for being great to work with, and for their ongoing support of Gundam Australia. You guys rock.
Thank you Hobbylink Japan!

See the full post at Gundam Australia including many more pics and more!

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