Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gunpla Posers Competition at Otaku Revolution

In helping a fellow dedicated Gunpla and a regular contributor to GAF I thought it might be helpful to repost the following:

Originally posted at GAF by Falldog

Announcing my first Gunpla Contest!

Gunpla Posers!

Yeah, the name is sort of silly, but so is the contest.

I wanted to do something fun for all ages and all skills. The goal is to see who can create the best pose. Winners get a book! Maybe more prizes if I can scrounge some up.

There are four categories...

- Best Dynamic Pose
- Best Comedic Pose
- Most Accurate Pose
- Best Group Pose

Entries are excepted through the end of March. *Editor's note: Possible deadline extension to end of April

Click here for more information!

**Here are a couple of useful tutorials by Z from Gunpla Inochi to get you on your way:

There we have it. A simple, fun contest that anyone can enter just for fun, with prizes as an added bonus!

So get your backdrops out and get snapping folks!

Good luck!

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