Monday, August 8, 2011

The Argama Hangar #1 - August - Zeta Newtype's Report on Otakon and the GAF Horizon

Okay, apologies upfront for being absent for a bit, but I bring you one massive update!  WARNING: This is incredibly photo heavy!

Back in the days of my Zeta Newtype Gunpla blog I used to do a little something called the Argama Hangar, it was a little monthly thing I did to keep my ducks in a line. It was structure! Now I'm bringing it to the GAF blog to do a monthly report of not just my experiences, but GAF as a whole. Don't worry, I won't bog this blog down with my personal backlog each month :P

First up, my Otakon Report, which was going to be massive, but I went through my photos today and half of them we're blurry and just all around crap, which kind of sucked because most of them were from Bandai/Bluefin's booth showcasing some awesome Gunpla and future releases, but alas, a good portion I can still share with you!

Nothing here was shown we haven't already seen yet of course, but it was great to see it in person, like I'm sure some of you felt like when you saw some of this stuff at SMASH.  Isn't that HUGE Unicorn Gundam awesome? It's like 7ft and it greeted you as you walked into Gunpla heavy. I walked away from this place with the following swag:

My first Perfect Grade, and it's the Gundam MK-II, I love Zeta machines obviously! The others are of the S.H. Figuarts of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Son Goku and TaToBa Kamen Rider OOO! Plenty of fun times we're had at Otakon this year, and met some friends face to face for the first time, Arthur and Tom, you guys rocked, and of course it was most excellent to see Dylan again. I didn't get good shots from the Gundam photoshoot since I was technically in it, but here's a shot of Arthur (Packard) and Tom (Char) with Kamen Rider Stronger!

That's it for my report from Otakon, now let's look at GAF stuff shall we?

First of all I would like to publicly thank each and everyone of you who are participating in the Grunt MS Build. We are winding down to the close at Aug. 30th and the results so far have been nothing but outstanding. It was a great honor to host such an successful GB and to see the work of a great community I've found myself in. You have helped me grow as a Gunplar watching each and one of your builds come to life. Be sure to check us out, we're in the long stretch before the Grunt MS:Ex Challenge series approaches, and we are hard at work bringing some interesting challenges for you great Gunplars!


The 00 Raiser 'Flour Bake' has taken off lately with the release of the MG 00 Raiser, however, it's losing steam because we all seem to be working on other things. Oh, distractions, how annoying you are sometimes. I have no doubt we will see this GB fire up again, I myself have updates in it and I need to get back to cracking! Be sure to click the banner above to see the first round of work being done. 

Similar to the 00 Raiser GB, this GB hasn't picked up full steam yet, but there's great ideas flowing,  and remember! This one ends with a winner and prizes! Click on the banner for details.

The new GB on the block is the MG Delta Plus Recolour Challenge by the bossman himself, Sonar! This one is a doozy and it's celebrating the release of a HIGHLY anticipated kit. There's a storm rumbling of people jumping on this one. Recolour a Delta Plus and perhaps you can win prizes from HobbyLink Japan.

The MG ReZEL and Bearguy GBs are chugging along as well, while the updates are far and in between they still exist! 


And it all comes down to this..
Where are the heroes? Who are our heroes?

Well, we're about to find out people, this Gauntlet ends in September and will these Strike Freedoms be our heroes or....bringers of the Apocalypse itself!

All dramatics aside, we've seen some FANTASTIC work from this GB, and with such heavyweights attached to the GB, it's no wonder. From a personal standpoint, the work Gaijin Gunpla has done with his Strike Freedom is awe inspiring. Keep an eye on that awesome thread and the GAF blog for the final updates! ONWARD!!!

Well that's it for my report, as always, Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

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