Friday, August 5, 2011

Finding Nemo

With appropriate guilt for not doing it earlier, I present to you this absolutely beautiful rendition of Master Grade Nemo ...some 4 days after it was posted. ^~^

This master work is created by GAF member Falldog as his entry to our snowballing Grunt Mobile Suit Group Build: Ode to Cannon Fodder . Amazingly, it is painted mostly by spray can with a few touch ups and details by hand!

I feel this build has not yet received the response it deserved as it is not only cleanly built, but flawlessly painted, wonderfully detailed, highly original in colour, and creatively and very cleanly decalled. The Nemo is a simple design, a grunt suit from Zeta Gundam, and as such potentially easily overlooked.

However it is the subtleties that make this a really great design and one that has grown on me very much in response to Falldog's work with the kit.

Falldog is no stranger to the Nemo, having also created this incredible and highly underrated work named Night of the Living Nemo, a play on the zombie flick from the 80's of similar name.

When Falldog is not producing masterful gunpla works, he writes for Gunpla and Japanese pop culture blog Otaku Revolution and also has a great sub-section called A Layman's Guide to Gunpla, not just a must-read for anyone curious about the hobby but very immersive for the seasoned hobbyist as well.

As a valued member of the Gundam Australia community and a very skilled gunpla, it is my distinct pleasure to feature Falldog's work at GAF Blog.

Enjoy more of this awesome Nemo at Gundam Australia Forum and read the extensive write up about the build process plus more pics at Otaku Revolution.

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  1. Sonar....finding nemo? You had to go there? xD lmao!

    Man, I love seeing such an under appreciated grunt suit get so much love and detail, this is why I started the Grunt MS Build! Falldog, if this was the Grunt MS:Ex Challenge, you would have won buddy!