Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to Gundam Australia Forum Ver. 2.0!

With infinite thanks to Fury-S12 for the awesome custom theme, I am proud to present to you the Gundam Australia Forum 2.0! (ver. Beta)

First of all let me say that nobody likes change, and if you dislike the new look at first please give it a chance to grow on you for a few days. Secondly, Fury and I have done extensive testing of the new theme but there is no better test than a live run across a hundred different machines and browsers. This theme will remain the default theme for Gundam Australia from now on, and will be considered the Beta testing version for the next couple of weeks while we hunt for issues. All of you guys will be our official testers for the initial period ;)

Please let us know if you find any bugs in this topic and we will jump right(ish) on it. :)

This is very exciting for us here at GAF. A custom forum theme has been on our want list since re-launching as GAF 1.5 just over a year ago, and even before that as GAF 1.0 at evilcow for those of you who remember it. To see it come to fruition after 4 years in the pipeline is a very special occasion for us.

We have more and more exciting things in store for the second half of 2011, and moving into 2012, so stay tuned!

Among them will be the revival of the data from GAF 1.0, in the form of an archived forum (Yay!), the first big comp sponsored by HLJ (soon!), the launch of the Gundam Australia website proper (later), plenty of awesome group builds, (some including prizes for the winners!), plus all of the usual friendly and helpful atmosphere that we are renowned for.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank YOU! All of you guys and gals, our members, are what make this place what it is. Without you we would not exist so a big Big BIG Thank You sincerely for your contribution to the forum and your willingness to help and be friendly with all newcomers. I honestly believe that this is what sets us apart as a forum and makes this a truly special place to be. You guys humble me. Keep being awesome.

Extra special thanks to the GAF team. Cam you have gone so far beyond the call of duty with creating this theme and I am more grateful for that than words can express. ZETA NEWTYPE thank you for all your hard work with the blog, social networking, and the Grunt GB. I'm very excited about where we can take this in the next 12 months. Hoardz and Hemish a big thanks to you guys for your unquestioning committment to QMHE and the hours and resources you guys have volunteered for the cause, and also for being a couple of good mates. Alphabeta, Xenomorph, and roggstudelpest for your help also with QMHE. Random a very special thank you to you for offering us your elite level design work and for being a very good friend. Zahmad, GhostofZeon, and thegunny for your silent vigil watching over the forums. I am pretty particluar about my requests and a bit of a perfectionist so a very special thank you to all of you guys for putting up with me!

This topic is now open to the forum. Please let us know your praises and criticisms on the new look, your feedback helps make this place better!

We hope you like our new look, and we look forward to sharing bigger and better GAF things with you over the coming months and years!

(Thanks to Tonghoo for the awesome SD Sinanju!)

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