Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Catapult: GAF Member Feature - GundamPRO's 1/72 Kshatriya

GundamPRO are a professional completed Gundam model online retailer and home to the Dragon Workshop, headed by Dengeki King Of Gunpla and renowned world champion Master Lung and his team of extroardinarily talented artists based in Hong Kong. These folks are true masters of their craft and spare no detail in perfecting their work. Work which you can own, for a price.

I have been a big fan of GundamPRO's work for some years now, and it has always been an honour to have them share their amazing work with our comparatively insignificant forum.

When GP announced they would be tackling the G-System 1/72 Kshatriya kit I was instantly excited by the familiar feeling of anticipation I experience when something BIG is about to go down in the Gunpla universe. Some months have gone by with little more than a facebook update or two about it, and suddenly I am confronted with the completed work as I stop to check in at the forums!

The G-System kit captures the ferocity of the Kshatriya in a way that Bandai has yet been unable to replicate. I think it is in the sharp angles that this occurs, given the obtusely bulbous design.

The beauty of GundamPRO's work is in the infinite, perfect details and the flawless finish. Sure you can glance at it and think hell, that's nice, but it is in taking the time to peer into the windows of their photographs and understand just what they are trying to illustrate in each shot that the wonders begin to unfold.

Prepare to be amazed.

The page is very image heavy so you might wanna go make a snack or something while you wait for it to load, but it is indeed worth the wait.

GundamPRO's 1/72 Kshatriya at GAF

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