Monday, June 13, 2011

THE CATAPULT: GAF Member Gunpla Feature - HG Acguy Mars Camo Ver. by Hoardz01

Acguy ('Ack'-guy): Mass produced amphibious mobile suit of the Zeon forces. Model Designation MSM04.

That is the definition of Acguy. Here is how one might visually define a nice Acguy:

Well ain't this just a nice little Acguy by Hoardz01 posted at GAF just now?

He (sic: Rancalus) has come up with the title Mars Camo Pattern, which I think is suitably apt. The contrast of the pink and red camos on the black is very stark and makes for a very unique Acguy.

The camo is very nicely masked using the blu-tack method. The paint work is crisp, the black is very smooth and the Alclad white aluminium comes up a treat. Very nice decal placement, again the contrast of the white on the black is very appealing. I particularly like the individual decals on the segmented arm.

Very inspiring work. Having personally met Hoardz and previewed some of his WIP works from the forum in person, this completed Acguy now bolsters my confidence that we could be dealing with some talent here.

I am always a fan of individuality and when someone brings their own creative touch to a colour scheme and does it well it excites me.

Great Acguy.

Please feel welcome to drop a comment, or respond to the original topic at GAF where you will find many more pictures of this awesome Acguy: HG 1/144 Acguy - Mars Camo Pattern

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