Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Grunt MS Group Build: Ex! Coming in September w/ Prizes!

Announcing the Grunt MS Group Build: Ex! Once August arrives the Grunt MS Group Build will end, but only as an open GB! When August arrives and the open GB ends, the Grunt MS GB will be transformed into a conditional GB! Each month (or more depending upon the demand) the Grunt MS build will issue you a challenge!

A challenge may be set up as such and may be as simple as such:
Grunt MS: Ex challenge for September: Construct a Grunt MS from Zeon only

A challenge may be set up to be as difficult and complex as:
Grunt MS: Ex Challenge for September: Construction a Grunt MS from the E.F.F. only and it must painted and pla-plated

The last week of August I will put up a poll that asks you which challenge out of four you'd like to tackle next and the next month will follow the same format. This idea is currently in beta (thought!), so if you have any ideas to help and improve this idea, let me know, August is a bit off anyway! The Grunt MS Group Build: Ex is intended to be fun, and help you finish a kit if you need inspiration, if a month goes by and no one participates, that will probably be normal, I would still provide you with content the next month regardless.  Let us challenge each other and grow as a community! Who knows...there could be prizes involved.

But in the mean time keep an eye on the current phase of the open Grunt MS Build here, we got some great stuff already out the gate! 

UPDATE: Sonar has announced, courtesy of Hemish, the first round prizes of the Grunt MS: EX Challenge in September will be your choice of an HG Zaku I 1/144 or a HG Nataku 1/144!

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