Wednesday, June 8, 2011

THE CATAPULT: Guest Gunpla Feature -Tember Gundam's PG GREEN Frame

Green seems to be popular lately, so let's keep the ball rolling shall we? I'm ashamed I just saw this today. I need to check my personal blog roll more often, but Tember has this amazing PG Red Frame he did up as a Green Frame and it sure looks great! More here, and check out some of his latest builds like that interesting MG Impulse!


  1. Honored to be shared on your blog, I need to google myself more often. :) thank you.

  2. I followed this build for awhile, and it was great to see the end result. Great job!

  3. Thanks, it was a fun one, my current build is going to be a real test of my talents! Thank you for sharing this with others, nice to know others enjoy what I have built.