Sunday, June 5, 2011

GAF Gunpla Feature: Busterbeam's MG Shenlong/Nataku

Holy S$%T! If you wanted to know what an MG Nataku would look like? Check this out amazing build by Busterbeam!

I cannot describe this anymore than flawless, the execution was just that! Flawless. The green and gold just pop like you'd expect it to on Nataku. Way to upgrade, Buster! This week saw me purchasing the MG 00 Raiser and the S.H. Figuarts Domon Kasshu...but if I would have saw this first I would have dropped all of it and ordered the MG Shenlong 1/100, well maybe in place of Domon :D 

Either way, Buster shows the potential in this kit, so if you haven't gotten yourself one of these yet, what are you waiting for!


  1. yes i agree. This kit has a LOT of potential. there are some problems and i wouldnt describe my build as flawless at all. every modeler knows this. nothing is completely perfect. i could point out a lot of errors but i'm actually quite proud of this! I felt like i did a solid job all the way though outside of the nub work. and the jaw line.

    but thank you for this! i certainly appreciate the recognition!

  2. I know all too well that nothing is perfect, it's merely a compliment :D Good job!