Friday, June 17, 2011

THE CATAPULT: GAF Member Gunpla Feature - MG Zaku II Desert Ops by Hemish

Here is a fantastic example of desert colour scheme by Hemish. Earthy, complimentary tones. Effective pre shading. Subtle weathering to make it look used but not damaged. Hemish is becoming well known for his original decal selections, a trademark of sorts, and this kit fails to disappoint. The Scorpion, skull, and Zeonic System would be what my attention is drawn to. Subtle detail work with the weapons and a very nice finish have made this build worth the trouble hemish mentioned having during the build process.
Another thing Hemish will soon be well known for will be his Platoon of Zekes. What started out as a Band of Brothers has now grown into a Patrol, and soon enough will be twenty deep and not to be messed with!

For more details on the challenge Hemish has been issued, and for more awesome pics see Hemish's Desert Ops Zaku II at Gundam Australia Forum.

Nice one mate. Another fine addition to the Squadron.

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