Sunday, June 5, 2011

THE CATAPULT: GAF Member Gunpla Feature - Garret Masterson's MG Exia Repair

Here's an example of great weathering and a kit I can learn a thing or two from since I've been doing a lot of weathering myself lately, and I gotta say...this is what weathering in space should look like!

Introducing Garret Masterson's MG Exia Repair. MG Exia Repair is build-able by purchasing the MG Exia Ignition Mode and perhaps the biggest selling point of it! Sometimes we just need someone else to show us how great kits can be to influence our decisions on them, and Garret certainly does it here, I wanna convert my Ignition Mode Exia to Exia Repair right now!

For a further look at this great work, click here for the Catapult thread of this model!

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