Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Gauntlet of the Apocalypse #1 - The End is Nigh / Hope Horizon


Finally we're back live folks, it is unclear what has just transpired but I can tell you what we know. The sky has literally opened up and a torrent of lightning will not stop arching from the heavens above. Are we to believe the end of the world is upon us....all is so uncertain at this moment, but while we can maintain communications during this time of uncertainty...We will share what we've uncovered.

Several reports have indicated that we are indeed under attack by an unknown force, and there are already elements of Resistance! A challenge has been issued by Busterbeam, a former member of the Sinanju Offensive to his former teammates and all else willing to take the challenge. So far many of taken his call and rallied with him to start an arms race against this threat. Warriors from all over have answered - Stay tuned as we update you on the progress of this conflict whenever we can here at GAF!

 [ We have here folks is a interesting twist on a Group Build, the GAF Live Report series! A little creativity to go with the great creativity this community already displays! Each report will inform you on the progress of the Group Build through fun images or descriptions! Stay Tuned for More and be sure to follow the progress of the GB at the banner below! ]


  1. Sounds and Looks really cool! Love the title and the banner! XD

  2. That banner was designed by random at GAF :D

  3. oh wow this is awesome! great job man! O_O!