Saturday, May 14, 2011

GAF and the 50th Shizuoka Hobby Show! MG Delta Plus 1/100

This one was probably the best reveal at the show for me. I go by Zeta Newtype so it's no secret i'm a huge fan of Zeta-Type suits, and Delta Plus is like the Zeta (specifically Zeta Plus) and Hyaku-Shiki, two of my all time favorite Mobile suits in Gundam history. I've already decided to get two of these things, one in normal colors and the other in the golden hyaku-shiki style that's already been floating around!

Just thinking about the MG Delta Plus makes me want to launch some sort of Pre-Group Build of it, just to see all the ideas people have for this thing but alas, let's get to the event shall we? The event revealed the kit, and somewhat of it's transformation process. Both forms look great and solid. The MG Delta Plus shows off it's frame between armor pieces more so than a lot of kits, and I really like that.

 Delta Plus standing tall! 

 Delta Plus in the middle of transformation. Clearly one of the prototypes.

 This shows you the transformation procress of Delta Plus.

 Waverider mode of Delta Plus. Remember it gets it's name from Zeta Plus and you see why here.

 Uh, I'm not entirely sure what this is...someone wanna clue me in? Landing struts? Transformation mechanic? I don't know!

- Zeta Newtype

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