Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gundam Musou 3/ Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 X360/PS3 Release: AUS: June 23th US: June 28th

I don't know about you folks but I'm psyched for Gundam Musou 3! The first two were awesome and this seems like it's lining up to be the best in the series. I've been sitting here catching up on some Gundam Senki U.C. 0081 like some of you already have played and i'm excited over the fact I will be able to juggle two Gundam games at the same time. Kind of sad huh? :D Well there's going to be some online modes in this to endlessly enjoy so the question is..What system are we getting it for? I'd like to play as a community as much as we possibly can. Seeya on the forums and enjoy some random images below from the game.

 Unicorn baby!

 Confirms Deathscythe Hell and Sinanju

 GPO2A and Anavel Gato....Yeessssss

 Nu Gundam looks new....HA!

 Small fry are no match for me!

Burning Slash TYPHOON!!!


  1. I do believe I will be needing to play as the Unicorn Gundam. Strangely I played GM/DWG 1 but not number 2. PS3 for me.

  2. Just to let those know that the system for this game is for PS3 and XBOX360. I've played GM/DWG1 and GM/DWG2 and looking forward for this one as I now have got it pre-ordered.

  3. Ha! Good call, Linkey, fixing that now!