Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hobbylink Japan Springs Into Summer!

Check out the latest sale by our awesome sponsors at HLJ! As we bunker down for what looks like it will be a chilly winter in the Southern hemisphere, HLJ is about to
Spring Into Summer!

Loads of great gunpla for your tasty mouths.

Of particular note is MG The-O at ¥7,200 is the lowest I've seen it by far! I was just in Japan and this price is 30% lower than the cheapest price I saw it for on the shelf in Japanese stores. So cheap in fact, they have it limited to 10 per customer. A bargain not to be missed IMO.
If you have been sitting on the fence with MG The-O, now is your time!

Also has the interesting addition of a live stock counter in the search function for this item, the first time I've seen HLJ implement live stock tracking and I have to say I'm impressed.

I hope this is something they are able to roll out across more items in future!

Other notworthy sale items include:

RG Char's Zaku II  ¥1,500
1/48 Mega Sized Model Char's Zaku II  ¥4,524  - Are you serious?? Best price I saw this for in Japan was  ¥6,000
MG ReZEL  ¥2,496  I paid twice that on release!! Patience is of virtue..
MG Musha Mk.II  ¥3,900 
MG RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0 Titanium Finish  ¥4,800 
MG Full Armor Gundam ¥3,000 
MG Sazabi  ¥5,600 

Now if you were to combine, say, ALL of these awesome kits into one big order you could easily take advantage of the 20% off FedEX shipping promotion they are also currently running at HLJ, meaning you could have HEAPS of new gunpla REALLY quickly at a HUGE saving! HLJ stays winning.

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