Sunday, May 8, 2011

RG Zaku II 1/144 - Release: July 2011

I have the RG Char's Zaku II in my backlog, so if that goes well, I'm all over this. This is more than a simply redeco of Char's version. It's a step a good way. This RG version of the Zaku II will not have all the fancy customizations Char had, nope, it's a regular Grunt and I like that. The staple of the RG series to me is not just the details and the panel lines, but the multi-shaded parts as well. This returns for the Zaku II, as you can see there's different shades of greens and grays. It looks really good to me! How about the rest of you? Will you buy another Zaku II RG or did you pass on Char's for this?
Image from Gundam Guy

 - Zeta Newtype

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