Saturday, May 14, 2011

GAF and the 50th Shizuoka Hobby Show! MG Epyon EW 1/100 - Release: June - 4,800 yen

Now we've seen Epyon plenty of times before, it's one of those hot anticipated kits, so the community is abuzz about it, especially those of us in the west who's first introduction into Gundam was Gundam Wing. I myself being an American, Gundam Wing was also my first introduction into Gundam Wing. What we saw before was  this:
Image from Gundam Guy. Preorder at HobbyLink Japan here!

As we see in the image below, we have the basic Epyon, no decals, no green orb, lacking the beam was interesting still, but when that above became this below at the Shizouka Hobby Show? I was floored!

 The details! I wasn't expecting Epyon to look so fantastic. Look at that beam sword, multi-layered plastic even!

 Epyon vs Zero. This diorama looks amazing.

 Another look at the great Beam Sword.

 Epyon's Dragon mode! The decals make this cooler than it was before, which was impossible, way to go Bandai.
Final Shot, heat rod coming to your house soon! Hopefully not utterly destroying it....

Preorder at HobbyLink Japan here! The list price is 4,800 yen, but you can save 20% by preordering, that's 3,840 yen people!
- Zeta Newtype

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