Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Grunt MS Group Build

 As a lot of you know, the Grunt MS Group Build is in full swing, we have some finished builds already out of the gate even!

The Grunt MS Group Build was created to highlight mass produced mobile suits and their kin, giving a little "Ode to Cannon Fodder" if you will.

The kit can be any grade or make
The kit can be from ANY gundam series
The kit must be considered a grunt/mass produced mobile suit
Variations and Customs of a single Grunt suit are allowed as long as the base suit used for the customization is a Grunt suit (Commander Zakus and Gelgoogs for example, such as Johnny Ridden's Zaku II or Char's Gelgoog. )
Finish by August 2011

Heavy customization is recommended. Let's make these otherwise normal suits look bad ass and use of Grunt MS GB banner is open to anyone! Good luck, Newtypes!

Here are some highlights of some of the finished builds

Shifty: MG Ball Ver. Ka. 1/100

Mokana Man: HGUC Ball 1/144

Hemish: HGUC Acguy 1/144

Zeta Newtype: HGUC Gouf Custom 1/144

TheBloody13th: HG Over Flag

As you can see we got some good results already, and i'm glad I even got something to show, I should since I started the damn thing. XD

Stay tuned for more, Keep up the Gunpla Newtypes!

- Zeta Newtype

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