Monday, May 30, 2011

GAF Feature Model - Vandalier's MG Astray Blue Frame with Lohengrin Launcher

Vandalier is one of GAF's premier modelers formerly based in Perth, Western Australia. It is always a treat when he posts a new model and his work is regularly the feature model whenever he does. He keeps pretty quiet on the forum and then every once in  a while, Awww Shi... Vandalier's dropped a bomb.

This is no exception. When Vandalier posts a topic in the Catapult you can always be sure of a very refined, clean, high quality, and extremely detailed model. What surprised me this time around is the resin Lohengrin Launcher! I have not seen this kind of work from Vandalier before and the symmetry, detail, and proportion are all exquisite! I really like the subdued purple and grey pastels he has used for the Gunpla itself and the orange is far less gawdy than the stock colour.

Enough from me, we'll let the pictures do the talking (of which there are many). Head on over to Gundam Australia Forum and check them out, and maybe leave a comment for the master while you're there.

If you like this, maybe you would like to check out some of Vandalier's previous work:

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Outstanding work Vandalier!

(Edit: Having completed his Masters degree, Vandalier has gone home to Indonesia. You will always be one of the Champions of Perth to us mate! ;) )


  1. awww you make me blush

    by the way i just graduated from my master study in perth

    since then i'm not lived in perth anymore
    but the gundam community in keep growing everyday always enjoy my time on there

  2. congratulations man! post grad work is tough.