Thursday, May 26, 2011

HGUC Dreissen - Who Says a Dom Can't Get Any Badder?

Out just this week and already listed as "Low Stock' at HLJ, you know this is going to be a devilish build. What is not to like here? Essentially we have a Dom that is sharper and more angular while maintaining the classic rotundness of the Dom shape. It looks a whole lot more fierce to me as well.

Great set of weapons included for an HGUC, and they are mean weapons at that. This range of HGUC's from the Unicorn series continues to impress me.

May 2011 Released. Buy it now at HLJ while you still can!

...and don't forget to check out the thread at GAF, where you can vote on the appeal of the kit and find a bunch of useful links to reviews and good stuff like that. ;)

Thanks to Gundam Guy for the image ;)

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